Latest Release: Sorcerer of Deathbird Mountain

Recently uploaded to Vella. Secret trick: Search for Sorcerer of Deathbird Mountain via the Kindle-Vella search bar, at the very top of the Vella page:

“Fly, my pretties, fly!”

Hirand is a young messenger and helper at Castle Braegundo, the fortress protecting the city-state of Cis Braegundo. One morning, he is summoned to the King’s audience chamber and told that his secretly beloved Princess Janubel is dying and that the city’s wizard has been unable to cure her. All is not as it seems. The wizard is unable to heal Janubel for two reasons: 1. She’s not sick; 2. He has just died, leaving the realm without magical protection, a disaster.

The boy is given a map and a message and ordered to travel covertly to a far off realm, locate and bring back a reclusive wizard to heal the princess. Unknown to all, this wizard is actually a sorcerer of tremendous power and ambition.

Vella is Kindle’s new serialization service. The first three episodes of each story are available to read free. A handful of free tokens are also available. See Vella for details.

If you can’t access the book on Vella, please let me know.

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Now Available on Kindle:

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New On Kindle: Tales for a Blue Moon

Now available as a Kindle book, these stories cover an immense range of love and imagination. From the human condition, to the alien condition, to the plight of other entities. From Earth to the cosmos; from today to past and future. Click the link now and come along with us on these amusing and fascinating adventures.

Cover image may vary.

The Table of Contents:

TOC Tales for a Blue Moon
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KM Weiland’s Drawing

The Outlining Your Novel Workbook computer program is a powerful brainstorming tool for writers. KM Weiland’s annual Advent Giveaways include a chance to win a copy of this program. If you would like the opportunity of winning some of these prizes, here is the URL:

People can enter ALL 14 draws up to and including Dec 19th.

The links to every draw are can be found on the page URL above.

Good luck to all, and happy writing!

~Angela & Becca

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A bit of humor:

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Memory Improvement

Researchers have discovered a method of improving performance in memory tests. A simple 15-minute break, resting and meditating, can help memory retention by as much as a factor of 10, in some cases. The recent article is here:

An Effortless Way to Improve Your Memory:



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Beware the Wrath of Abibarshim!

Recently excavated clay tablets shed new light on the most famous engineering failure in antiquity. Although some of the words are conjectural, this translation contains a clear message for modern engineers. Do you know someone who might benefit from this voice from the past? Editor, Production Engineering, July 1981.

By Paul Pendragon
Translator Continue reading

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BOOK RELEASE: A True Map of the City UPDATE: Now available on Kindle!

Wyzard Hill Press announces the publication of a new book: A True Map of the City, by J Guenther.

TMOCFrontSmall   Horus Blassingame is a loyal, mild-mannered underling at his company. One day, he is called into his supervisor’s office.
   “How long have you been clerking for us, Blassingame?”
   “Uh, sixteen years, sir. If I may say so, sir, a long time.”
“Yes, but we’ve had our eye on you.” Continue reading

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The Curious Case of Phineas Gage

Phineas Gage

In 1848, Phineas Gage was a foreman, efficient, capable, and smart, employed to clear a railroad route through rocky terrain. He and his crew broke up rock formations by drilling holes down into them, filling the holes partway with gunpowder, and very carefully inserting a fuse. The hole was then sealed with clay and/or sand, which was tamped in place with a rod to concentrate the force of the blast towards the rock when the fuse set off the powder.

On that day, September 13th, apparently no one added the sand. As Gage tamped down the charge, he turned to address the crew, putting his head straight above the hole. Continue reading

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The Brain and Memory

The human brain is the most complex structure in the known universe. If you are reading this, the odds are you have one of these amazing devices atop your shoulders, along with all your memories,* and your consciousness and your personality. There are some distinct oddities about this organ. Continue reading

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