My Poetry Book

mooncover-2Back in my poetry writing days, long ago, I published several little spiral-bound chapbooks. When I had written enough poems for a larger work, I hand made about twenty perfect- bound books. I printed out a master with the poems 4-up, then had it copied and cut in fourths. A vise held the pages of each book while I applied craft glue, pushing the pages one direction, then the other to ensure getting the pages well glued. I let the glue dry, then applied more and carefully attached the cover, which I had printed myself, coated with a plastic sheet, and pre-folded. The effect is very similar to a professionally published book. The poetry doesn’t suck too bad, either. The cost was minimal (maybe ~$3 each) compared to the time spent binding the book. There are still a few in existence. A couple of years ago, I stayed at a friend’s house while she was away. While I was there, I saw one of my books on her nightstand.

I designed the book by doing a walkabout in the Ventura Barnes & Noble store. I found that the books were almost all shelved spine-out. The wider the book, the bigger I could make the title, so I printed the poems on one side of the paper, only, for a thicker book. I selected “Moon Over the Lost City” for the title. Moon, lost, and city are words that resonate with our feelings and associations. Of course, to use that title, I had to go back and add a poem with the same name. It’s not bad.

Moon Over the Lost City

Silently, the fat moon rises from the forest
to gloat above the stones of Nydah-Venn..
Ghosts wander from pools of blackness
and slink along their customary ways,
Murmuring their sins.
Hourly, ‘til dawn glows on distant mountains,
A skeletal muezzin ascends the
last unfallen minaret
and croons his malison on those below:
Too late! Too late!” the bony jaws intone.
Ten thousand voices cry out in return.

Would have!”
Could have!”
Should have!”
No libertines haunt these granite avenues,
No fornicators and no thieves tread the
mossy stones of Nydah-Venn;
Nor greed-bound merchants,
Nor petty sinners.
This Gehenna of Regret is for those
who left something undone,
who let their joy escape,
devalued their heart’s desire.
Those who lived their passion have passed on,
never to haunt again the stony
pits of Nydah-Venn


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Latest Review, Mouth of the Lion

magnify-bookSelf-Publishing Review has critiqued In the Mouth of the Lion. The full review is on the SPR website, here:

A few excerpts from the review: Continue reading

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Have We a Hitler in Our Future?


Hitler, age 31

Five years of research have given me unique insights into the mind and personality of Adolf Hitler. My first book, In the Mouth of the Lion, an espionage thriller, addressed ten factual questions: Continue reading

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The 85th Anniversary of the Death of Geli Raubal

Image result for hitler apartment in munich

16 Prinzregentenplatz

One morning in Munich, on September 19th, 1931, Adolf Hitler’s 23 year old girlfriend, Geli Raubal, was found dead in her room, the windows and door locked, her key on the inside. On a couch beside her lay Hitler’s small caliber pistol. Hitler had left Munich the day before and had been seen that same afternoon in Nuremberg by many witnesses. Munich officials quickly ruled that Geli’s death was due to suicide, and that’s where it has remained for 85 years.

My historical novel, In the Mouth of the Lion, now reveals exactly how Geli was murdered and, more important, by whom and why. The ultimate reason for the Holocaust is also disclosed. For more information, please visit the book’s website:

(The book website header is a bit tall. When it opens, please scroll down to reach the content.)

Photo details:

  • CC BY-SA 3.0
  • File:Prinzregentenplatz 16 Muenchen-1.jpg
  • Created: 29 March 2010
  • Author: Rufus46

[Geli’s room was one of the 3rd floor (American reckoning) rooms that jut out from the building, most likely the one on the right, based on a floor plan I’ve seen. After her death, Hitler ordered the room kept locked, more or less as Geli left it. It wasn’t reopened until the Americans arrived in 1945.] See


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Recent Review, In the Mouth of the Lion

A quote from a recent review for “In the Mouth of the Lion”:

“…There is more fact than fiction in this novel…difficult to stop reading once you start…”


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In the Mouth of the Lion — Kindle Version

Kindle Cover RED on BLACKThe ebook version of In the Mouth of the Lion has been released at a price about half of the already modestly-priced print version. Some comments by other authors:

Be prepared for a wild ride! J Guenther’s delightful new novel, IN THE MOUTH OF THE LION, explores the intriguing idea that Adolf Hitler Continue reading

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A Quotation for Our Times

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – George Santayana (1863-1952)

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Another Thought on Haiku

I woke this morning going ’round and ’round in my mind with a haiku:

Haiku Upon A Haiku Enigma

Why good ones have oft
Just seventeen syllables
But bad ones, always.

Which is a roundabout way of saying Continue reading

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In the Mouth of the Lion: Published

The official publication date for In the Mouth of the Lion was April 9, 2016. I’ve ordered 8 copies, then repeated the order about 10 days later, putting 16 copies in the pipeline. I notice a shift toward orange in the cover, despite having not made a change in the cover color. I’m hoping the next batch will be back to the original red. My next push will be to get some Amazon reviews. Cover8A-BIGREDHIRES5

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In the Mouth of the Lion proofs


C G Jung

The morning after uploading my cover and text files for In the Mouth of the Lion to CreateSpace, I got a notice that the input files met CS specs. I put in an order for four proof copies. A little after noon, I was told the copies had shipped. ETA, Tuesday. I’m busy making bookmark graphics and so on. I’m hoping to get several reviewers and another blurb or two. Here’s the first blurb:

“J Guenther’s thought-provoking WW2 novel, In the Mouth of the Lion, involves the reader in a suspenseful ‘could happen? / did happen?’ action packed story.’ –David A. Kenney, WW2 OSS Veteran

Tentative publication date: April, 2016.



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