New On Kindle: Tales for a Blue Moon

Now available as a Kindle book, these stories cover an immense range of love and imagination. From the human condition, to the alien condition, to the plight of other entities. From Earth to the cosmos; from today to past and future. Click the link now and come along with us on these amusing and fascinating adventures.

Cover image may vary.

The Table of Contents:

TOC Tales for a Blue Moon
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3 Responses to New On Kindle: Tales for a Blue Moon

  1. Dana Macy says:

    Just bought your book Jeff! I recognize the titles of some of my favorites from long ago. I’ll take Tales for a Blue Moon with me on my upcoming month-long boat trip.

    Your Bio is fascinating. I hope to see you sooner than later.


    Dana Macy


    • jguenther5 says:

      Enjoy the trip! I hope some of the stories resonate with you; they cover a wide range of genres and topics. “Incense Summer” is based on a visit to the woo-woo shop in Ojai. I have enough stories for another book, I think, but sales have been minuscule on “Blue Moon,” so far. I may do some ads. Currently working on agent seeking for Tenirax, considering Deathbird Mountain for Vella, and starting a Holmesian work based on The Guardienne. I also whipped out another short paper on brain structure for ResearchGate today and yesterday. I’ll post tomorrow or Friday, if I hear from my beta reader. 💗

    • jguenther5 says:

      Thanks! I’m looking forward to getting away for a short visit to Ojai this summer. Hope to see you then! 💗

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