UPDATED 4/24/2013: I’ve been writing for quite a long time and it’s my full-time occupation, now. I’ve written 10 stage plays, about 20 short stories, 100 poems, a novella, a novelette, and two novels. A screenplay is in the works, but, as work-in-progress, it won’t be discussed here.

One of my short plays won a prize in a writing contest a couple of years ago and was performed at the Elite Theatre in Oxnard. So far, four of my plays have been performed, either as readings or as full productions, not counting workshop presentations.

This website is where I publicize my recent novel, Sail Away on My Silver Dream. When I have no news on that front, I’ll post information on works in progress or my thoughts on writing in general, plus whatever is on my mind in related areas.


4 Responses to About

  1. J T Weaver says:

    Would you be interested in listing “Sail Away” on my blog page? No cost involved. Let me know.

  2. I have friends (retired English teachers) attempting writing plays for reading and stage. If you could share some tips on formatting and software, please do.

    • jguenther5 says:

      I bought Final Draft a couple of years ago. It does much of the formatting for you and really does speed the writing process if you’re working from a proper outline. I take courses at a local community college and used my student ID to get the student discount. Try their demo version; you can actually do short pieces with it, with some inconvenience.

      Open Office has a template file for screenplays; not sure about stage play formats. Open Office is free, though it’s not as effective as Final Draft.

      I hope that helps! Have fun!

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