UPDATED 9/28/2018: Proceeding with publication of another work, my poetry book. Here’s the back cover: 


I’ve kept it simple to match the front cover, so some items have been omitted, like the website and the ISBN barcode (lower right, approx. 1.5″ high by 2.25″ wide. If there are any features you think the back cover should absolutely have, please let me know. Does the red-on-black look too hard to read? Does the index make you want to find out what some of those cryptic titles mean?

4 Responses to About

  1. J T Weaver says:

    Would you be interested in listing “Sail Away” on my blog page? No cost involved. Let me know.

  2. I have friends (retired English teachers) attempting writing plays for reading and stage. If you could share some tips on formatting and software, please do.

    • jguenther5 says:

      I bought Final Draft a couple of years ago. It does much of the formatting for you and really does speed the writing process if you’re working from a proper outline. I take courses at a local community college and used my student ID to get the student discount. Try their demo version; you can actually do short pieces with it, with some inconvenience.

      Open Office has a template file for screenplays; not sure about stage play formats. Open Office is free, though it’s not as effective as Final Draft.

      I hope that helps! Have fun!

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