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Book Review: In the Mouth of the Lion

The stalwart GP over at Pacific Paratrooper Blog has posted a review of my WWII historical novel, In the Mouth of the Lion. As the German blitzkrieg stalls in Russia, Hitler’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic. The German High Command (OKW) … Continue reading

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Silver Dream Sails Again

After a long interval that followed Sail Away on My Silver Dream going out of print, it’s now available again under the Wyzard Hill Press imprint–new cover, new interior, and a few minor changes in the text. I designed this … Continue reading

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Brainstorying–The Garden of Forking Paths

The writing process, whether for novels or film scripts, has been characterized by many metaphors. Examples include building a bridge, painting a picture, hanging a clothesline, mapping an unexplored territory, opening a closet, making a sculpture, building a house, laying … Continue reading

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Writers’ Rite

A friend says: “How you write so many books is beyond my understanding.” My reply may be of general interest, possibly even helpful:

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“Needs Tightening”

These two dread words, when found without further explanation in a critique, signal oncoming angst for the writer. We all know what ‘tightening’ means in theory. In practice, it can include anything from removing a few words here and there, … Continue reading

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Twenty (20) Interesting Films

We saw some of these in class, some we viewed as homework or for special projects. You may find them amusing. American Beauty* Pay It Forward Almost Famous* The Abyss Lantana Bandits The Man Who Would Be King Ararat Matchstick … Continue reading

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Can you write when you’re tired?

If I write when I’m tired, often the work isn’t my best. Still, there will be some useful sections at the end of the day, or at least a good start for the next, though I’ll have to do more … Continue reading

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Art is…


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Better Screenwriting

Hal Croasmun has posted a useful list of screenwriting tips here. It’s not one of those content mill shortie lists; there’s some real meat here. Actually, it has 26 tips, taking into account a multi-part item, No. 9. A few … Continue reading

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“The Garden of Forking Paths”

When constructing a plot, at any given juncture with multiple potential outcomes, it’s wisest not to select the first outcome that pops into your head. The best procedure consists of identifying as many of the outcomes as practical and then … Continue reading

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