The Awful Truth About Writing & Writers

I was at lunch with a group of writers the other day, and something I said resonated with the group. I summarized it in the meme I’ve created, below. I’ve posted this on Twitter and Facebook; might as well put it here, too. There is an awful truth about writing that many unsuspecting authors don’t know until it’s too late.

It’s true. There are a jillion people, agents, publishers, publicists, distributors, coaches, printers, “contest” organizers, instructors, course & seminar organizers, cover designers, book designers, editors, proof-readers, vanity presses (often disguised as something else), magazines, books, & websites on writing, advertisers, social media, and anti-social media, all out there trying to make money off the hopes and dreams of writers like you. And for the most part, they’re more successful than you are.

These people do (mostly) perform useful functions. But a novice writer who uses these services often digs such a deep hole in their book’s finances, they never get out of it.

How do writers make their books successful? What do YOU do to make money with your novels? Which of these services do you consider a drag on the success of your book? Which do you consider absolutely vital?

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2 Responses to The Awful Truth About Writing & Writers

  1. I’ve had six sales online this month, so far. Also, sold one by hand, cheap, to a friend. Two went at the local garden centre . . . they pay me in compost. I’ll not be changing the car soon. I’ve got to 80k with my current project, a memoir . . . but who in the world would want that? Even so, I do enjoy the art of the pen.

    • jguenther5 says:

      Not bad. I’m getting similar results. At my talks, I usually sell more puzzles [see] than books. Work continues on The Perils of Tenirax and Unforsaken. Sail Away on My Silver Dream and A True Map of the City remain in limbo, without a publisher. Best regards!

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