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20 Scriptwriting Tricks from an Actor’s POV

Introduction The first play I acted in was a high school production of Our Town. During one performance, “Mrs. Webb” recited the first of two moderately long lines. Both lines started with well. When she reached the second line, she … Continue reading

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Secret of the Universe 9.80

I have another short play now in development called Secret of the Universe 9.80. On November 11th, Eve Sigall, one of my instigators, asked me to come up with something by November 13th. Inspired by her zeal, Secret is the … Continue reading

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My Short Plays

I’ve compiled eight of my short plays into a single, 8.5×11, publication format playbook. I’ll be getting copies via Lulu. The titles are: Call of a Distant Song ****** Prisoner of Suggins Holler* Mountain Where Rain Alltime***** The Five Hundred … Continue reading

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Ze Dialogue

it is said that Moliere, when asked by a friend how his new play was coming along, responded, “Splendidly! All I have left to do is ze dialogue.” Of course, we’re not all Moliere, but this makes sense if you’ve … Continue reading

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Character Names

I named one of my characters in Sail Away on My Silver Dream “Dr. Appelman” after someone I’ve seen onstage in Santa Barbara. 

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Playwrights’ Forum

Want to connect to other playwrights? Check out http://www.stageplays-forum.com/recent.html

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