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Acting Classes

In my last post, I referred to Hal Croasmun’s “22 Ways to Improve Your Screenwriting” (here). One of his recommendations is: 18. Take an acting class. Several people have suggested this to me in the past, and Croasmun’s advice pushed … Continue reading

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“The Garden of Forking Paths”

When constructing a plot, at any given juncture with multiple potential outcomes, it’s wisest not to select the first outcome that pops into your head. The best procedure consists of identifying as many of the outcomes as practical and then … Continue reading

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Neil Gaiman Commencement Address 2012

If you haven’t seen this, you should take a few minutes, relax and watch one of the best, most honest speeches I’ve ever seen. Gaiman has a lot to say to artists and writers in a few words: H/t lightningdroplets.wordpress.com/ … Continue reading

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Reasons Scripts Don’t Fly

Below is the link to a post called, “38 Reasons Why Your Screenplay Isn’t Getting Recommended by a Script Reader.” The post is accompanied by a chart crafted by an éminence grise who lurks under the mysterious, if humble, nom de … Continue reading

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Scene Tips

  The rule in cinematic scene writing is: “In late, out early.” Pick up the scene after it’s really under way. If you want your thud-and-blunder detective to go question a witness, don’t say, “Mike Bludgeon puts down the phone, … Continue reading

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Coherence and Novel Writing

Well-written prose, among other things, should have a logical order. It’s frequently difficult to decide what to show and in what order in a scene or chapter. Sometimes imagining your scene through a camera helps to focus on events in … Continue reading

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To an Unpublished Author

Rejoice a little in your current, unpublished status: you can write whatever you want, switch genres, do rhymed poetry, write the Great American coffee table book, anything whatsomewhoso. Make up your own words, even. Once you publish something and it … Continue reading

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Screenplay Structure

William Goldman said something along the lines of, “The three things you need to know about screenwriting are structure, structure and structure.” Is this enouncement hyperbole? Or mere overstatement? The answer is obvious. Goldman has more to say about screenwriting … Continue reading

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Why You Can’t Write Haiku, Part 4

What is true about haiku? A moment The intent of a haiku is to capture a moment of wonder, a time and place of intense awareness, usually one of beauty and harmony. The objective is to plunge the reader personally … Continue reading

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The Critique: Basics of Editing

When reviewing a manuscript, a lot of effort can be saved by prioritizing the level of editing. Start with the more important factors and move towards the least important. Time spent on low level edits may be wasted if large … Continue reading

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