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A More Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy

Yes, that’s our objective of the day: to turn your novel, novella, novelette or short into a hive of scum and villainy. Stories of any length thrive on villains. The more wretched, the better. For without him or her, there … Continue reading

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Our Yardstick is Bent: the NYT Best Sellers List

The NYT once testified that their best selling book list is editorial content, not news content. In other words, it’s not an objective measure of books’ worth OR popularity. In 1983, author William Peter Blatty sued The New York Times … Continue reading

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Fiction Punchlist for Writers

The following punchlist was originally intended for use in the Vision & Revision Workshop when rewriting novels. There’s nothing quite as embarrassing as opening a copy of your book fresh from the printer and finding that something vital has been … Continue reading

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20 Scriptwriting Tricks from an Actor’s POV

Introduction The first play I acted in was a high school production of Our Town. During one performance, “Mrs. Webb” recited the first of two moderately long lines. Both lines started with well. When she reached the second line, she … Continue reading

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Free Class

Based on past experience, this should be well worth the time: It’s free.  

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Better Screenwriting

Hal Croasmun has posted a useful list of screenwriting tips here. It’s not one of those content mill shortie lists; there’s some real meat here. Actually, it has 26 tips, taking into account a multi-part item, No. 9. A few … Continue reading

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Being Mentally Strong

There’s a great article By Paul Hudson called “20 Things That Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.” From the article: “…piling on more and more often has a negative effect, rather than a positive one. Among the mentally strong, there are … Continue reading

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SU’s Tips for Online Screenplay Marketing

Screenwriting U has some great suggestions for selling film scripts. Check it out here:  

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Reasons Scripts Don’t Fly

Below is the link to a post called, “38 Reasons Why Your Screenplay Isn’t Getting Recommended by a Script Reader.” The post is accompanied by a chart crafted by an éminence grise who lurks under the mysterious, if humble, nom de … Continue reading

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