Picking an Imprint

It’s often a good idea to use an imprint name rather than your own when self-publishing. One problem with this is finding a name that hasn’t already been used. Even an inactive publisher name can result in confusion, and there are a jillion inactive publishers. Somewhere there’s a government list of publisher imprints. I’ll add it here if I can remember it.

Here’s a list of names I investigated:

Suffixes for Imprint:

checked as of 7 october 2016: (★★★★ = top rated)

Bauxedron Books
Secret Folio Press
★★ Inkadinkado Books
★★ ink on vellum press
★★★ Bluebell Valley Press
★★★ Moonlit Garden Press
★★★ Pod Bay Door Press
★★★ Silver Dream Publications
★★★★ Besserberg Books
★★★★ Kafkatopia Press
★★★★ Berengaria Press

Available but Rejected
Cryptology Press
ink & vellum press
ink on vellum books
Librorum Press
Myspionage Press
tomecula press
Zeundrom Press ← named after one of my characters

XXX ★Adamantine Press
zzz calliope press
XXX Centaur House
XXX Centaurus Press
XXX Chronicle
XXX Clandestine Press
XXX ★Clockwork Press
XXX ★Fahrenheit
XXX ★Firepoint Press /Fire Point Press
XXX Firewalk Press USED
XXX Galaxy Press (nutjobs)
XXX ★Gondwanaland
xxx Green Hill Books
XXX hierophant press (“priestess &”)
xxx Hilltop Press
xxx Hill House Green
XXX Labyrinth Press
XXX ★Librorum Prohibitorum Press
XXX Minotaur Press
xxx nostradamus press
XXX palimpsest
xxx Peninsula Press
xxx powhattan
XXX Rambling Rose Press
XXX Realm Press
XXX ★Sabre (dublin used)
XXX Serpentine Press
XXX Arachniz (~Arachnid, taken)← named after one of my characters
xxx catalyst
xxx codex
xxx spilled ink press
xxx spattered ink
XXX Squid Ink Press

something related to book/genre eg.
Uncategorizable Press

other terms:

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