Have We a Hitler in Our Future?


Hitler, age 31

Five years of research have given me unique insights into the mind and personality of Adolf Hitler. My first book, In the Mouth of the Lion, an espionage thriller, addressed ten factual questions:

  • Why did Hitler hate the Jews?Was Hitler insane?
  • How did he survive over 12 assassination plots?
  • Who was Hitler’s mystery grandfather?
  • Why did Hitler destroy his father’s home town?
  • Why did Hitler attack Russia?
  • Who killed Hitler’s niece, Geli Raubal?
  • Why was she killed?
  • How did the murderer get away with it?
  • What was Geli’s Holocaust connection?

My new book, The Fuehrer Recognition Kit, or “FÜRK,” uses the non-fiction psychological information developed for In the Mouth of the Lion to provide a list of 18 character traits that describe Hitler. If there is a new Hitler, he or she will probably have many of the same traits, perhaps most of them.

Many people today are comparing various Presidential candidates to Hitler. Are they right? Or are they merely spreading partisan invective? Godwin’s law gives us nothing to go on. Godwin’s describes the likelihood of that comparison being made; it doesn’t address the accuracy of any comparison. Now, The Fuehrer Recognition Kit lessens the subjectivity of saying a public figure is like Hitler.

FÜRK is now available on Amazon as a Kindle book: http://bit.ly/2dsmYOrJGbl

Coming soon in paperback.


Image: Anonymous, Public Domain
via https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Hitler_as_young_man.jpg
from uncp.edu/home/rwb/young_hitler2

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