In the Mouth of the Lion uploaded

Cover8A-BIGREDHIRES5Tonight, during and after dinner, I uploaded the PDF file for In the Mouth of the Lion to CreateSpace, along with the front cover, and four blurbs for the back cover. I used CS’s “Cover Creator,” choosing a cover layout that let me apply my own front cover JPG and use the Cover Creator to do the spine and back. Mouth of the Lion has a long history:
August, 2011: One act play, 50 pages, 9,000 words
May, 2014, Screenplay:      120 pages, 20,000 words
March, 2016, Novel:           160 pages, 60,000 words

The project kicked off from a “WOTIF.” What if a psychiatrist realizes from information revealed by a client that the latter has murdered someone . . . and is carrying a pistol. A relatively simple concept, but it gathered momentum as I researched a particular murder case from 1931, 75 years ago this year. It’s still on the books of the local police as a suicide. There is a distinct possibility that this murder had repercussions that affected many others.

Next step: sit here and wait for word from CreateSpace that my file hasn’t choked their magic book plopper-outer.



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