Acting Classes

In my last post, I referred to Hal Croasmun’s “22 Ways to Improve Your Screenwriting” (here). One of his recommendations is:

  • 18. Take an acting class.

Several people have suggested this to me in the past, and Croasmun’s advice pushed me over the edge. I’ve signed up for a brief series of classes at Harbor College, near by.

Although I’ve written a lot of script dialogue (13 stageplays, 1.33 screenplays), there’s always something else to learn. I studied my craft primarily by writing novels and short stories, so I can get caught up in content and miss awkward phrasing, as below. I expect some improvement in my dialogue, anyway.


ANTTWON: Forsooth, fetch hither thy zither, Mr. Smithers.
SMITHERS: That’s easy for you to say.


ANTTWON: (gesturing) Zither, Fool!
SMITHERS: (gets the zither)

What do you think of Hal’s recommendation?

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