Screenplay, Part 5

Tonight, I made some major progress on In the Mouth of the Lion. I had reduced a 3.6 page punchlist* to 23 open items. Now I have only ten open items. I may be able to finalize (ha-ha) this draft over the weekend, if I bear down.

I’ve found an amazing number (3) of typos that I had completely missed, along with some obvious ways to vastly improve several lines of dialogue. I know I still have some cheesy lines, but I’ll do a seek and destroy mission on those in the next few passes.

I”m starting to really like this script. Hopefully, others will, too. Someone who has been shown the structure (without the text) likened it to “a Russian doll.” These extra layers have slightly distorted the Hero’s Journey, shifting the milestones about 5 minutes back.

* This is the longest punchlist I’ve ever compiled for a fiction project, as far as I can remember.

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