My Short Plays

I’ve compiled eight of my short plays into a single, 8.5×11, publication format playbook. I’ll be getting copies via Lulu. The titles are:

Call of a Distant Song ******

Prisoner of Suggins Holler*

Mountain Where Rain Alltime*****

The Five Hundred Goodbyes**

Moon of Other Days

Roses in December*****

A Present for Robbie***

A Robot of Dawn****

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy when available, please leave a comment.

* Read at Ojai Writing Workshop’s Performance Evening; Prize winner, Elite Theatre Group’s Short Play Contest, 2011.

** Written for Eve Sigall; Performed and Developed via Ensemble Studio Theatre, LA, 2013

*** Performed as a reading, Theatre 150, 2006

**** Written for David Beyer

***** Read at Ojai Writing Workshop’s Performance Evening (Doc & Zoe Murdock’s group)

****** With Judy Sanger

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One Response to My Short Plays

  1. It’s so exciting to see a fellow playwright on wordpress! good luck on the book of short plays, I two am compiling the ones performed by mine for publication! best of luck!

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