Writing: Characters, Part III

Another common way to create characters is to use a list of questions. Sample questions could include:
What would he (or she) do with $10? With $100? With $1,000? With $10,000? and so on.
What does his bedroom look like?
What kind of car does he drive?
What is in his car? Is it clean or dirty?
What is his best friend like?
What does he wear?
What does he like?
What does he dislike?
What is his handwriting like?
How did he do in school?
What does he like to read?
What are his hobbies?
What is on his desk? In it?
You get the idea. Any question that gives a clue to the character’s personality and how he acts/reacts will help. The questions can be asked in interview form, as explained in Part II: “What would you do with $1,000?” And so forth.

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