Excerpt, Silver Dream

David talks about his computer game addiction:

Chapter 12: The Glowing Screen Calls Me

“I spent hours and hours, mostly doing role-playing games . . . I’d make up a character and take him into this big city where I had to find something. Sometimes I had to find this really big, evil guy. Sometimes he found me. Either way, I had to defeat him or he’d kill my character.

“It’s a lot of fun, and there’s all kinds of good stuff to discover, like gold or armor or weapons and things. Anyway, it’s totally interesting, and the scenery and the graphics are just awesome. Whenever my character got “killed,” I’d hit a couple of keys, and, bip, he was alive again, ready to go on from wherever I’d saved last. It was easy to restart the game.

“In fact, it was hard not to.”

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