The Creative Process

I woke up this morning with lines of dialogue bouncing around in my head. This is the point where I know my unconscious is ready to write. There’s a lot more than dialogue to a book or screenplay, but dialogue usually carries with it implied story. I primed the pump with an hour at the botanic gardens, yesterday, sitting under a tree and just rethinking possible story lines. Most weeks, I just make a few notes, then type them up later. Recently, I felt ready to complete Act I, which hasn’t changed much from the previous draft. It took several hours, but it’s complete and in the hands of a trusted reader. I can see many imperfections, including several scenes that can be tightened, if necessary. Act II is a complete, scorched earth thing. I at least have a list of what I want my characters to do, so I may be able to roll forward from where I left Act I. For Act III, my crystal ball is cloudy.

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