Blank Looks Explained

[From a threadversation with Elaine Stirling & Kathryn McCary] Blank looks are a frequent, albeit ambiguous, method of communication. A blank look can mean, “I don’t understand,” or, equally likely, “I can’t believe you just said that,” as well as. “I do NOT have a full house in my hand.” It can also indicate obliviousness regarding the uselessness and futility of the statement preceding it. Or [as Kathryn McCary pointed out] it can mean, “tell me more.” Personally, I like to also employ my Spockian eyebrows to indicate interest in further explication. If, however, I’m looking over my spectacles as I do so, the look acquires nuances of “pray embolden yourself to spew more of this drivel you just spouted.” Since I never wear reading glasses, being near-sighted, there’s also an unspoken element of, “Dang, you sure look better blurry.”

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One Response to Blank Looks Explained

  1. A “threadversation”, haha, love it! Partly b/c if you look at it another way, it reads thre adversation.

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